Introduction to buying a property in Mallorca

The actual cost of buying a property in Mallorca Spain needs careful consideration, which if given the right advice and guidance can be made much more transparent and easily understood!

By taking the right advice, you can avoid joining those who unfortunately may have ventured blindly into the Spanish property market, only to find frustration down the road when it is invariably to late.

These helpful hints and guidance from are provided to ensure your experience is both enjoyable, well informed with only pleasant surprises along the way! 


My Mallorca Home
My Mallorca Home

Helpful Tips and Guidance

The following represent a broad outline of Helpful Tips and Guidance to buying and selling property in Mallorca Spain, based on our own valuable experience, an array of quality contacts and a variety of differing public and private websites.

It is not intended as an exhaustive guide, so please consult your own legal advisers and check all prevailing rates, or contact myself to explore fully the benefits of your own privately appointed Property Search Agent.

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This way we narrow down the market and your timely visits, to a selection of quality properties, achieving the best possible results with the minimum of hassle!!

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My Mallorca Home
My Mallorca Home


You will appreciate, the actual cost of buying a property in Mallorca Spain is not only the price that you see in the advertising, as it implies important elements of additional costs such as taxes, fees and other expenses of various categories, that increase your final budgeted costs if not careful, at the outset! 

These cost vary depending on the status of the property you are buying, i.e whether the property is newly built or is a resale of an existing property and/or whether for private or commercial use!