A property by the sea:

Who has never dreamed of living by the sea? The most important motives for buying a property in Mallorca are without a doubt the sun and the sea. A residence on Mallorca with sea views is the ultimate. Life on the coast is accompanied by the noise, wind, weather and waves of the Mediterranean. For some, just looking at a blue horizon is enough. Even if the property does not offer a direct view of the sea, a property near the coast always has the most privileged location, because the coastline can no longer or hardly be built and the offer in this segment is accordingly exclusive and limited. The demand is high and the sea view in Mallorca costs an additional 20 percent on average. But it is worth it, because what could be nicer than letting your own terrace look out over the sea or even have the water on your doorstep?

Now the coasts are as varied as the island itself. From mild to wild – Mallorca’s seafront has something for everyone: from long sandy beaches to the steep rocky coast, from the romantic, small bathing bay to well-developed holiday resorts, from the quiet in the Mountains with distant sea views or on the flat, wide country in the south, from the rugged east coast or the coveted southwest with its lively residential areas. Whether with a view or within walking distance of the sea, the coastal lover should consider whether they are looking for peace and quiet – then they are, for example, on the (steep) coasts in the northwest, in the north and northeast, on the southeastern cliffs of the large bay of Palma or also in good hands in the deep south of the island. Or someone feels at home in the lively coastal towns with their bathing bays, sandy beaches, water sports ports and the corresponding infrastructure, such as on the east coast, at some hotspots on the north and north-east coast or in the Bay of Palma with the attractive suburbs and the Proximity to the city.

No matter what you want, we will find your dream property by the sea – be it as an apartment, apartment, chalet, holiday home, finca, stately villa or fantastic property in the first sea line.

Our Selection of Frontline properties and apartments by the sea